Terms & Conditions



The minimum wedding photography coverage includes at least one investment package. Additional time can be added to any initial investment. A 50% Deposit is required unless discussed otherwise and the final payment is due 2 weeks prior to wedding date.



In order to reserve RM PTY. for the date of a wedding, Clients must sign this agreement and pay a non–refundable 50 percent retainer of the total cost of the wedding photography services. By signing this agreement, Clients agree to be legally obligated to all the terms herein. This agreement is only valid upon its execution by RM PTY. Clients shall each be jointly and severally liable under this agreement for the obligations of Clients hereunder.



Clients acknowledge that RM PTY. requires and retains discretion concerning the services to be provided [i.e. posing, lighting, camera choice, lens choice, etc.]. Clients acknowledge and are familiar with RM PTY.’s portfolio and stylistic choices, yet recognize that the art form consistently evolves, is artistic in nature, and yet is different than past artistic work by RM PTY. In the creation of the final product for Clients, RM PTY. reserves the right to artistic choices that fall within the boundaries of agreed upon services and terms.



After the date of the wedding and completion of wedding day services, the photos created from the day are subject to a careful selection process by RM PTY. This process can take up to 2 months. No product demand will be allowed before/during the 2-month editing process. RM PTY. reserves the right to strategically choose the ideal photos to be edited and delivered to Clients. All culling and editing is under the complete control and authority of RM PTY. RM PTY. does not guarantee a minimum number of photos to be delivered to Clients. Additional charges for products wanting to be changed more than 2 months after being received.



Under no circumstances will RM PTY. allow the delivery of RAW media to Clients. All delivery of digital products will be in .jpeg and/or .MP4 format via online delivery.



RM PTY. deletes all RAW media files 12 months after the delivery of the final edited files to Clients. Once the media files are delivered to Clients via online delivery or via USB Drive, Clients are responsible for saving the delivered data in multiple places to ensure the safety of all edited files.




RM PTY. is not responsible for items lost by The COURIER GUY or other Courier Services or Invalid addresses on contact forms.




If Clients choose to shoot at a location that charges for access and/or permit for photography and filming, Clients shall be responsible for all fees associated with shooting there, including but not limited to entrance fees and parking. Clients shall also be responsible for organizing access to the location and any permits required for doing so.




RM PTY. [and hired professional contractors] will be the only professional photographer[s] and filmmakers photographing and filming on the day of the wedding if hired for the event.




In the highly unlikely event that RM PTY. [and/or hired professional contractors] cannot complete the responsibilities governed by this agreement due to illness, death, fire, act of God, or other event beyond the control of RM PTY., the following shall occur: RM PTY. will arrange for [1] a substitute professional photographer, and/or [2] an adjustment to either the fee amount or the contents of Clients’ choice of services. If Clients defer the substitution offer, they may elect instead to terminate the agreement subject to the following: RM PTY. shall refund all payments made by Clients including a full refund of the 50 percent retainer.



RM PTY. requires at least one hot meal provided for all RM PTY. photographers included on wedding day services.




All digital edits shall remain the exclusive copyrighted property of  RM PTY. to be used both publicly and privately. This copyright includes but is not limited to online use.




In the event that Clients terminate or change the date of the wedding after the signing of this agreement, Clients’ original 50 percent retainer will be applied to the new date if it is available. If the rescheduled date is not available for RM PTY. to provide wedding coverage, the 50 percent retainer will not be refunded, and the agreement of this contract will be terminated. RM PTY. will not be held responsible for the change of the wedding date if Clients choose to change said date.




The parties agree to cheerful cooperation and communication for the best possible result within the definition of this assignment. This cheerful cooperation and communication hereby includes all times before, during, and after Clients’ wedding. Clients understand that RM PTY. keeps a busy schedule before and after Clients’ wedding, including the projects of other clients.




RM PTY. will not tolerate any form of harassment from Clients, those associated with Clients, persons representing Clients guests, vendors, and/or any other persons present before, during, or after Clients’ wedding. If RM PTY. and/or hired contractors feel uncomfortable or threatened due to verbal, physical, or sexual harassment of any kind at Clients’ wedding, RM PTY. will discuss the situation with Clients, and if the situation is not resolved, RM PTY. reserves the right to withdraw from photographing Clients’ wedding and will not be held liable for reimbursement of any monies paid.




Our products will be only be delivered to the you, the couple, and no friends/family members are allowed to ask for the product from RM PTY. The product will not be delivered to them unless arranged.



RM PTY. will document the events that transpire based upon prior communication between the couple and RM PTY.. RM PTY. will act in the best interest of Clients’ events and the preservation of RM PTY.’s creative vision. In doing so, RM PTY. will try its best to capture moments as they transpire, but cannot guarantee specific images and clips or comprehensive coverage.